Magi Loucks

Magi Loucks is an actor, singer, and comedy writer who ‘moves well.’  She has performed on every type of stage, TV, and film set there is, except porn.


"She of the killer singing voice"
(Backstage West)

"Uniformly mesmerizing... Loucks is a mobile made out of tensile wire, fixed in place but spinning with compressed energy."
(Los Angeles Times)

Loucks handles the emotional handbrake turns with the sucker-punch of a pugilist.”
(Theatre in Wales, UK)

"The fight is literally re-enacted by Peg (Magi Loucks). This is perhaps the most effective part of the play when the sheer disgusting brutality of boxing is described as if it were a classical ballet performance but culminating in a real death."
(Western Mail, UK)

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