Magi Loucks


"Magi needs to be on a TV series like yesterday."
(The Eerie Digest)

"It's not only the dead-on performances of the on-air characters who frequent an Irish bar that make this production charming... a strong Loucks, she of the killer singing voice -- the stylish Love Me Deadly is good for more than a few old-fashioned laughs."
(Backstage West)

"A genius... [Magi's] so good at this... so good at working with just anything, and making it sound legit.  [She] is really someone valuable to be on stage with."
(Michael Pollock (Musical Director, The Second City))

"The fight is literally re-enacted by Peg (Magi Loucks). This is perhaps the most effective part of the play when the sheer disgusting brutality of boxing is described as if it were a classical ballet performance but culminating in a real death."
(Western Mail, UK)

"The performances... are impressive displays of full-blooded naturalistic acting that appear real and spontaneous but are borne of disciplined, rigorous rehearsal. ... Magi Loucks (Peg) handles the emotional handbrake turns with the sucker-punch of a pugilist"
(Theatre in Wales, UK)

"Uniformly mesmerizing, the actors give performances that are works of art... Loucks is a mobile made out of tensile wire, fixed in place but spinning with compressed energy."
(Los Angeles Times)

"Magi Loucks embodies the fiery passion of the Matchstick Man, as Owen was called, and also makes it her own as her character, Peg, yearns to be not only Johnny's lover but his equal. She talks about the sparring matches they have in the gym after hours with a sensuousness that equates the desire to draw blood from one's opponent with a sexual climax. Her physical virtuosity in the boxing scenes is stunning."

"[Peg] re-enacts the fight for the two women in a scene that garners huge kudos for Magi Loucks. She is physically and emotionally in the moment, giving a literal and figurative blow-by-blow of the critical Owen brawl."
(Studio City Sun)

"The success of this production is largely due to the work of the actors, who... perform with engaging passion and infectious vitality."
(LA Weekly)

"A trio of strong performers... all of whom offer powerful performances and have their own individual moments to shine. "
(Backstage West)

"Three riveting performances "
(LA City Beat)

“Loucks is a passionate, dedicated actor, and comedienne, and brings surprising wit and physical presence to any performance. She also has a marvelous singing voice. Quite haunting."
(The Celtic Arts Center)

"Cast standouts include... Loucks as Mrs. Cratchit and 'Christmas Past'."
(The Signal)

"Loucks is charming as a coquettish Colette."
(Pasadena Weekly)